Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Jeffrey Haynes

Criminal Defense Attorney

Jeffrey A. Haynes is a criminal defense attorney with over 30 years of legal expertise, who provides legal representation to those persons needing an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney.

Mr. Haynes is a criminal defense attorney who will personally handle every aspect of your criminal case. When you hire Jeffrey A. Haynes as your attorney, you are hiring him, not a junior associate attorney or paralegal. Mr. Haynes does not employ an after-hours answering service, which means you can reach him almost anytime, including after business hours, or even on weekends and holidays. Please call the number above to speak with him immediately.

Originally licensed to practice law in Florida in 1991, Jeffrey A. Haynes is a former criminal prosecutor, who since 1996 has devoted his practice to providing quality representation to those charged with all criminal offenses in the state of Florida. Since becoming a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Haynes has personally conducted over 100 jury trials, and has tried even more numerous non-jury trials before a judge. Additionally, he has successfully filed and argued numerous motions on his cases, such as motions to dismiss and motions to suppress evidence. As an appellate attorney, he has personally appeared before the Second District Court of Appeals, and has also successfully filed numerous appeals and motions for post-conviction relief.  Jeffrey A. Haynes is licensed to practice in all state courts throughout Florida.

Since 1991, attorney Jeffrey A. Haynes has personally handled thousands of criminal cases, including misdemeanor, traffic, juvenile and felony charges. The types of cases Mr. Haynes has either prosecuted or defended includes, but is not limited to driving under the influence (DUI), motor vehicle crimes, battery, aggravated battery, sexual battery, violations of domestic violence injunctions, armed robbery, possession and/or sale of drugs, drug trafficking, theft, violations of probation, racketeering, and murder. Mr. Haynes also handles all types of criminal appeals, and motions for post-conviction relief.

Jeffrey A. Haynes has dedicated his legal practice to defending the rights of those accused of criminal charges, and every day uses his background as a former prosecutor to achieve the best results possible for his clients. Because he been in practice for over 30 years, Mr. Haynes is familiar with the judge and prosecutor assigned to your particular case, and has over time developed the trial and negotiating skills necessary to effectively resolve your case, whether it be by trial, motion, or plea negotiation.

If you need to speak with Jeffrey A. Haynes about your criminal case, please contact his office at (941) 954-5333, or through the contact page if you prefer.