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“I had contacted Jeff to represent my son on a criminal traffic matter to keep his driving record clean and he won my son’s case. He is respectful and knowledgeable in the law. I cannot say enough about Jeff as both an attorney and caring about his clients. If you need to hire an attorney, do not look any further, Jeff is Fantastic.”Allan

“BEST ATTORNEY EVER! He has helped me in matters small and large. Saved me from spending several years in prison. Give him a call. You will be impressed. Thank you Mr. Haynes for everything you have done for me and my family.”Greg H.

“Mr. Haynes is a very professional and caring lawyer. He treated me with respect and concern and clearly worked hard for the best outcome for my case. Both he and his assistant answered all of my questions with patience and understanding. There was no pressure to hire him and I was given information free of charge in order to obtain a temporary license during my first free appointment. I highly recommend Mr. Haynes for anyone who needs legal representation.”Diane B.

“Jeff & Patty were by far the best legal team Ive ever dealt with. Extremely personalized from start to finish. Jeff was fantastic at trial and I recieved a not guilty judgement as he promised. Highly recommend!”Meeko M.

“I absconded 27 years ago and finally decided to take care of my VOP warrant. I had contacted a few different attorneys who said the outcome was bleak to say the least. The cheapest of those being around $3000.00 for what seemed at the very least jail time.

After calling Attorney Haynes my wife and I decided to go with him. His intelligence to law was a huge benefit.

We drove from Kansas City back to Sarasota a few times but it was well worth it. Instead of doing 6 months in jail I received time served and some fines. If you want and intelligent and diligent attorney I would recommend Mr. Haynes. Thanks sir.”Chris P.

“Very smart lawyer, thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my family. I would recommend Jeffery Haynes to anyone.”Roman S.

“I’ve had a very positive experience working with Jeffrey Haynes. I wouldn’t hesitate to call him again in the future.”Matt W.

“Attorney Jeff Haynes was a awesome Attorney. He had a aggressive positive attitude about my case and winning it. I Loved his outlook on my personal situation. Other attorneys said some ridiculous things about my case and how to defend it. I didnt like their answers or there weak approach. Mr. Haynes kicked butt and did exactly what he said he would do. He gave me confidence and peace of mind. I cant thank him and his wonderful legal team enough. THANK YOU.”John K.

“I want to say thank you to Jeffrey and his assistant for helping me get my record sealed I’m very excited it’s going to be a better year for me. They did a wonderful job I am truly happy that I found them I I would definitely recommend Jeffrey Haynes very friendly the service was excellent great guy!”Laura A.

“Mr. Haynes was great to work with. He is attentive and always available to talk. He made this process very easy for me. If you’re looking for an attorney who cares and has your best interest in mind, Mr. Haynes is your man.”Nick C.

“Was recently jailed for a VOP, Second violation. Was looking at 46 months prison time. Jeff did his job so good, I couldn’t wait to write this review. I received 3 months with time served and was released that day. I would recommend Jeff to anyone who thinks they’re at the end of their rope. After Jeff gets you out of jail. Get the hell out of that state. It will be the best decision you’ll ever make. Good luck”John R.

“I’m so impressed by his professional knowledge and great personality. He got me out of the trouble I don’t deserve and give me valuable opinions without charge. To me he isn’t just lawyer but a reliable friend. He offers resonable fee, answers phone even at lunch time personally, responds email in time, listens to story and concerns carefully and patiently. He doesn’t like other lawyers who don’t really care about your feelings and concerns but try to make best money out of the case. He is always honest, humble, caring and smiling. You can absolutely count on his experience and court skills. Not only he saved me but also supported me emotionally. He is the one who can stand by you and help you with any legal issues. He is the one who can confidently get the justice for you and save your money and life. He is the most respectful, trustworthy and professional lawyer I have ever known.”Anna

“Mr. Haynes was truly a godsend. He treated me like he would his colleague He is a very intelligent man with the patience of a saint.”Sarah P.

“I got a citation for Florida’s dubious “Move Over” law while driving under the speed limit in the right lane on the highway as I passed a police car who had pulled someone over (most likely for the same offense). I even mentioned to the officer that others were passing me doing the same thing while pulled over, and have no doubt as soon as he wrapped up with me, he pulled someone else over for the offense again (even though left lane drivers were speeding). I have an out-of-state license, and Florida is part of the Driver License Compact (DLC), so they will report back to your home state and your home state will assess points – unless you contact Jeff. For a nominal fee to him, he was able to make sure no points were assessed. He was friendly, professional, and efficient. I would recommend him to anyone with issues in Florida in particular the Sarasota area.”Patrick W.

“I was arrested for a DUI, my 1st.. Over the next week I received many letters from lawyers saying this and that. Of all those letters only one seem to show “Real” interest and intent to help me with my legal issues on this matter. It was a nicely laid out brochure with the in’s and out’s of Jeffrey Haynes’s ability as a lawyer. I immediately came on here and read some reviews. I went ahead and shot Mr. Haynes an email explaining what happened to me. Within 24 hours. Maybe even less, I got a response from him. Not a legal assistant but the man himself.

I went in for a chat and when I walked in Mr. Haynes already had my police report in hand, he had a copy for me. He had a list of instructions on how to get my BPO (Business Purpose Operators License) so I could drive legally after the arrest grace period. All Free of charge… He was very adamant that I didn’t have to hire him if I didn’t want to. Who does that?

You’re damn right I hired him. I don’t make much money but he worked with me on that. I understood that due to the details of my case that fighting it wasn’t a good option. Even with my guilt on this matter Mr. Haynes was able negotiate a deal with the DA that didn’t take me to the cleaners. I am beyond lucky here.

I cannot tell you how important, after all the bad decisions I made this was one that was a, GREAT Decision on Hiring Jeffery Haynes as my attorney. Not just to speak for me, fight for me, but support me in this legal matter.

In court he is very well respected by the Judge, the DA and other Lawyers that were present with other cases. There are a lot of Lawyers in Sarasota… This is the guy you want… Right now, I could email him and he would respond within a day. His Legal Secretary is one hell of a lady… She was/is on top of my file. She is polite on the phone, answered my questions. She is very much on top of her game.

It is just the 2 of them. No team of Lawyers… Just them and they did way more than I could have imagined considering how poor I handled this situation from the start. When sitting with Jeffery, he was able to explain things to me in a way I could understand them, which to me is a huge deal. Most of the time regular people don’t know much about LAW and they cannot understand Jargon. Mr. Haynes was able to communicate to me what I needed to know and not make me feel more stupid than I already did. If I could give this guy a 6 star review I would. If I win the lotto someday guess who is my lawyer??? That’s right Jeffrey A. Haynes… If you need an attorney give this guy call. It might save your quality of life, it might save your freedom..

Thanks! Jeffrey for everything you did in the past month in a half regarding my case.”David M.

“Thank you Attorney Jeffrey Haynes and your office for the dedication and personal attention I have received for recent traffic matters.”Alan S.

“Jeffrey is super friendly and helpful. He seems to really care about his clients.”Jamie A.

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