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Traffic Tickets

Jeffrey A. Haynes has personally handled thousands of non criminal traffic tickets, and since entering private practice in 1996, Mr. Haynes has represented and successfully defended countless numbers of persons charged with all kinds of traffic offenses. In the mid 1990’s he worked for the Ticket Clinic at its Tampa location, prior to opening his own law office in Sarasota.

Florida has two types of traffic offenses, which are defined as being either criminal traffic violations or non-criminal infractions. Examples of non-criminal traffic infractions include driving while license suspended without knowledge, speeding tickets, vehicle equipment violations, and minor accident violations. A non-criminal infraction may very well result in a fine, as well as points being assessed against your driver’s license, but in Florida it cannot result in a jail sentence. The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Haynes can represent you on a non criminal traffic infraction if necessary, and will either challenge the ticket in court, or Mr. Haynes can normally negotiate a sentence where no points are assessed against your driver’s license.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Haynes can represent you on a non criminal traffic infraction, using over 24 years of trial and courtroom experience to obtain the best result possible, whether by trial, by motion to dismiss and/or motion to suppress, or by successful plea negotiation.

Commonly Asked Questions If You Have Been Charged With a Non Criminal Traffic Ticket

The following questions are some of those commonly asked in a typical traffic ticket case, whether it be a non-criminal infraction or a criminal charge in the Twelfth Judicial Circuit, which includes Sarasota and Manatee Counties.

Do I actually need an attorney to represent me on my traffic charge?

Ultimately, that will be your decision to make. To begin with, anyone who either wants a trial or is facing jail time will almost certainly need an attorney. An attorney who has a background in traffic defense may investigate any possible legal defenses you might have, such as lack of probable cause to stop your vehicle, improper calibration of the speed measuring device, and traffic citations which were improperly prepared by the police officer citing the wrong statute number. An attorney may also contact the prosecutors at an early stage in the proceedings, if there are facts or witnesses that need to be presented in your defense. The attorney may also investigate certain diversionary programs you may be eligible to participate in, such as traffic pretrial intervention.

Does my traffic charge carry points, and what do the points actually mean?

In Florida, a traffic infraction, whether criminal or non-criminal, may carry points which can add up to 6 points on your driver’s license per ticket, depending upon the particular charge. Not every traffic infraction carries points, but for those that do, an accumulation of points over a period of time can result in a mandatory driver’s license suspension. For example, receiving 12 points on your Florida’s driver’s license within a period of 1 year will result in a mandatory suspension of driving privileges for 30 days. The suspension periods increase as more points are assessed. Because each traffic ticket is treated differently in Florida, it is always best to consult with an experienced traffic attorney regarding your options.See the chart at the bottom of this page, which will tell you whether how many points your traffic infraction carries.

I have been falsely accused of the charge, and I am not guilty. What are my options?

In Florida, you always have the absolute right to a trial in this matter. For some traffic infractions, you will only have a right to a trial by judge, while in many criminal traffic cases you will have the right to a jury trial, comprised of six people. A jury verdict must be unanimous, which means to be found guilty all six jurors would have to agree upon your guilt. In either case, you have the right to be represented by an attorney. Although you can be “pro se”, which means to represent yourself, this is usually an unwise decision, since the judge will require you to know and follow the Florida Rules of Evidence and Criminal Procedure. Your lack of legal training will not excuse you from these requirements.

Florida Traffic Ticket & Points Resources

Click on the links below to determine the number of points your Florida ticket carries. The top link includes a brief chart showing the number of points for the more commonly issued Florida traffic tickets. The bottom link is much more detailed. But to use it you will need to know the exact statute number, which is either written or printed on the ticket itself.